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Before and After: A Cozy Modern Airbnb Makeover

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

One of the things I love the most about running my personal assisting company, is the opportunity to help people by facilitating dramatic transformations. My team and I receive so much joy from completing projects that bring space, ease, organization and relaxation into the homes of our clients. It is incredible how even small aesthetic changes in a home can positively affect your sense of well being and mood. Last year, I was hired to do an entire home remodeling design and wanted to share with you a bit about the process and also feature some of the before and after images from the project!

Kitchen and Dining Room: BEFORE

Kitchen and Dining Room: AFTER Back Story:

A couple of years ago, I worked with an elderly widowed man to move him into a smaller home and within 6 months, he passed away. Last year, his daughter in Texas reached out to me, considering her options of what to do with her deceased father's new home In Oro Valley, AZ. She decided to keep the home and hired us to completely revamp the entire outdated house so she could rent it out on Airbnb and also keep it as a family vacation home.

Living Room: BEFORE

Living Room: AFTER

Client Consultation:

My team and I then began the initial process of discussing the aesthetics and styling preferences the client had for the house. She described to me that she really wanted the home to give off a homey vibe, but with a fresh modern feel. She wanted the house to appeal to renters on Airbnb, but to also reflect her personal style. We decided on a cool color palette of whites, greens, greys, black and a hint of tan to ground each space. 

Bathroom #1: BEFORE

Bathroom #1: AFTER Design Planning:

Whew! This was a BIG job! We lined up donation trucks to come and pick up unwanted items from the home, set up contractors, bought new furniture, selected new paint colors, new kitchen counter tops, light fixtures and various other accessories for each of the rooms. We picked out sweet earthy details for the bedrooms and bathrooms and chose items with clean, simple lines to give each space a sense of paired-down elegance. I really love the challenge of shopping for my clients and staying within their budgets! 

Bedroom: BEFORE

Bedroom: AFTER Final outcome:

I absolutely love how the house turned out and so did my client! One of my team members worked on this project for me since I was in Australia with my family. She got to know the client very well and continued to manage this project after my return. She even had a sleepover at the house once it was finished with her mom and sisters to see how it felt to make sure new guests would love it too! Since the remodel, my team has been hired to manage the property for this Airbnb and now this house is constantly rented out! Success! 

Office: BEFORE

Office: AFTER Whether you’re in the market for a major interior overhaul or you’re simply looking to give your home a quick and easy update, chances are you've spent some time online hunting for ideas and inspiration. It can be overwhelming doing price comparisons at different stores and trying to find the perfect items within your budget. 

Bathroom #2: BEFORE

Bathroom #2: AFTER If you have ever hired contractors before, you know how upsetting it can be when the quality of work they promised is not achieved. My team with Felicia's Best Personal Assisting can take all of that stress away and help guide you in the direction of your perfect interior design look with the best possible contractors for the job! We pride ourselves in maintaining very high standards and we will make sure your vision comes to life! If you would like to see more before and after projects click here or to check out what other services I offer, click here

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