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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Felicia's Best! apart from other organizing businesses?

As Personal Assistants, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions that encompass a wide array of services beyond traditional organizing.

Our team, the largest in Tucson, enables us to efficiently handle substantial projects, delivering results in less time. What sets us apart from typical organizers is our multifaceted approach. In addition to organizing, we provide a spectrum of services that include Project Planning, Project Management, Executive/Virtual Assisting, Pet-sitting, Housesitting, Errand Running, Meal Preparation, Light Housekeeping, Personal Shopping, Gift Wrapping, Weekly Task Management, Small Business Assistance, Home Staging & Decorating, and Event Planning.

In essence, we go beyond the confines of mere organization. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet a diverse range of needs, making us a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking a one-stop solution for various tasks and projects.


How do I get started?

The first step in getting the assistance you need is to fill out the "Contact Form" on our website. Then we will reach out to schedule a complimentary phone call for about 15-20 minutes to discuss your needs and scope for your project. 


What is your process?


Book a 15-20 minute chat to discuss your needs, pricing, and project scheduling.


One of our lead organizers will be assigned to your project and will kick off the planning phase. We'll gather measurements, take pictures/videos, and discuss your style preferences to create a customized plan for you.


We will start gathering the necessary supplies and products for your home makeover. We'll handle the design of your space and take care of shopping and coordinating our team to ensure everything is set for your transformation day.


We'll take care of everything to reset your space. This includes removing items, sorting them, containing them, designing the layout, and even creating custom labels. We'll come fully equipped with all the required products. At the end of the day, we'll walk you through your newly transformed space, equipping you with the tools to effortlessly maintain it.

​5. MORE LIVING...less chaos!

Now, you can spend more time doing what you love with the people you love, all in a space that enhances your functionality and overall well-being.


How far ahead should I schedule?

Our availability varies, but we typically need at least two weeks to plan a job. If you are planning a move or remodeling and know you will use our services, please call us as soon as you can. Even if you don’t have an exact date, we can put you on the schedule. We do have some flex within our schedule.


How does your billing work?

The Project Assessment fee is due on the date of service. VIP clients are billed on the 1st of each month reserving their dates at a discounted rate. We invoice on Fridays for all hours that have been completed for that week. The invoice is due by the following Monday.


Is a Project Assessment fee necessary for all jobs?

Actually no! Once we do the initial phone call many times our clients will send us pictures and videos of the spaces they need help with and we can determine if a Project Assessment will be needed. It all depends on the size of the job. Some jobs can't have an assessment like someone moving from out of state. Every project is unique and customized.


What is included in the hourly fee?

Our service is all about time...We bill hourly for time spent in your home organizing and for time spent transporting supplies to and from your home. If you have given us a task that takes time off your plate, then we bill for it. If we go to the store for you, we bill for the time. If we are communicating back and forth in coaching, answering questions, researching, etc., we bill for the time spent on this task.


Can I have 1 organizer on a project without purchasing a VIP Package?

Absolutely! If you have a smaller project that only requires 1 personal assistant/organizer then yes we can bill for this task. Depending on what is requested for that day will be the pricing we put together for you. (range $40-$75 an hour)


If I need organizing products for my project, what can I expect?

We do not upcharge products for a profit. We include the cost of taxes and shipping for each item and can provide an itemized product invoice upon request. If you are wanting to stay within a certain budget then we will know our favorite places and brands to shop. We are the contracted In Home Organizers for The Container Store and we get a great 20% discount, so we will always check them out first and pass the savings onto you!


Can you give me an estimate of how much it will cost to get me organized?

Absolutely! After organizing thousands of spaces, we can give you a range of what we anticipate the project will cost. Every space and client is unique, so we offer transparent pricing for our services with an upfront project bid. Our team is experienced to work efficiently. The project lead will keep you updated if we anticipate any changes in the original project scope.


How long does a typical project take?

The duration of a typical project varies depending on the package chosen and the scope of work involved. Our services are designed to cater to different preferences and project requirements.

For those seeking a more in-depth and personalized approach, we recommend the VIP Elite Package, which involves weekly one-on-one visits. Each session typically spans a duration of 4 hours, allowing for comprehensive assistance and attention to detail.

Alternatively, if fast progress is a priority, we adapt the team size to the project's complexity and scale. For instance, when tackling multiple areas, we will allocate an appropriate number of team members to expedite the process efficiently.

In cases involving moves or projects with multiple spaces, we schedule multiple days as necessary to ensure thorough completion and a seamless transition.

Estimating we all know, this greatly depends on the client, the size of the space, how overstuffed a space is, how many other rooms get involved during the process, whether the client wants new products installed, and the client's decision-making speed and willingness to purge. 


That disclaimer aside, here’s my experience solely with what it takes to declutter a space, wipe down surfaces & put stuff back in an organized way (not make it super pretty with new products- we usually double the time estimate for that). 


Linen - 1.5-3hrs

Master - 6-12hrs

Kids - 2-6hrs

Utility - 1.5-4hrs

Guest - 3-8hrs

Gift - 2-6hrs



Pantry - 6-12hrs

Upper Cabinets - 6-8hrs

Lower Cabinets - 6-10hrs



Kids - 4-12hrs

Guest - 4-12hrs

Master - 6-18hrs

Hobby - 8-24hrs


Home Offices:

Without Paper Organizing: 6-12hrs

With Paper Organizing: 12-48hrs+


Laundry Rooms:

Couple with no kids - 2-4hrs

Family with kids - 4-8hrs



Lots of big toys 4-12hrs

Lots of tiny toys 6-18hrs



1-Car: 6-12 hrs

2-Car: 10-24hrs

No Car (just full of stuff): 18-48+ hrs


Do you organize smaller spaces or take on smaller projects?

We sure do! Many times we can tackle multiple smaller spaces within one 4 hour shift! Especially if there are 2 organizers assigned to you! It's a magical experience.


I'm on a tight budget, can you help me?

Yes! We understand that hiring Felicia's Best! is an investment. The cost of having a team of experts enter your space and give it the best function along with  organizational products adds up very quickly. The great thing about organizing is it's something you can do yourself! You can find our best tips and tricks on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  If you're looking for a more structured and guided approach, you can purchase our DIY Home Project Plan. We can come in and put together a step by step plan customized for your unique space, then you just execute it.


Can you help me move?

Absolutely! Whether you're transitioning within Tucson or embarking on a long-distance move, our services are most beneficial when settling into your new residence. 

Our assistance begins with pre-move preparations, where we help you declutter and organize belongings, simplifying the packing process, moving furniture to make the space feel open, and pack up any personal memorabilia before the listing photos. We will help you to determine what makes sense to move to your next home. Upon arrival at your new home, we not only unpack but also establish efficient and aesthetically pleasing systems.

For those seeking a stress-free moving experience, we collaborate closely with your moving team, offering comprehensive move management solutions. Our services extend beyond relocation and also encompass real estate preparation. We frequently collaborate with real estate professionals to prepare your home for listing. This includes overseeing contractors and ensuring your property is in impeccable condition before it goes on the market.

We excel in project management, carefully coordinating the timelines for these endeavors, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient process.


Do you work with interior designers?

We actually have a couple of Interior Designers on the team, this is why it is so great to have their eyes on your space and function in your home also. We do also work with other Interior Designers! We love to help with the project management of it all. They have the vision and we help to execute it. It's truly a match made in heaven! Our scope of work extends beyond what designers typically do and we love working with them to help their clients receive the best experience in their newly designed space


Do I need to be there?

We welcome our clients to be as involved in the process as they would like. Our service includes designing, shopping, sorting, editing, and creating systems with custom labels, but if you want to be a part of any of those steps, you are welcome to participate. On the day of the project, our time is much more effective if you are available to us throughout the day. We will come to you when we have questions and to discuss style preferences, items you want to donate, and how your family functions so we can leave you with the most customized and beautiful space possible.​


Do I need to clean before you come?

That is entirely up to you. We do love the counters to be clear so we have space to work on. But if we need to bring our tables we can do that too! Our services are billed hourly so some clients like to get a head start on cleaning or editing their items before we arrive. We enjoy jumping in and will get started wherever you are in the process.


Do I need to get rid of things?

Editing down your belongings is a crucial step in making your organization system stick. But don't worry, you don't have to say goodbye to anything you're not ready to part with. We're here to assist you in deciding what to donate, toss, recycle, or keep.

And just so you know, we won't toss out any of your stuff unless you give us the green light. Your things, your call!


I'm embarrassed to have someone go through my personal things and see my messy home, what do I do?

There is no need to worry – there's absolutely no judgment here! Our team of organizers and personal assistants are some of the most compassionate and friendliest gals you'll ever come across. Our main goal is to calm your chaos and make your space uniquely yours, all without any judgment.

Organizing and assisting is not just what we do; it's what we love, and it's why we're in business!

So, why not let us take the reins? No judgments from us, just genuine excitement to assist you and transform your space!


Do you organize garages?

We organize just about everything. We love tackling new spaces and new projects. Garages usually require our larger team and building out the systems! Our Garage Season is from November-March to avoid the hot weather here in Tucson.


What if I don't care about how it looks, I just want it to be functional?

Functional spaces are our #1 goal! Yet, given our knack for adding beauty to every space, your project is likely to turn out aesthetically pleasing as well. If functionality is your primary concern, we'll ensure that the products we incorporate are customized to your preferences, emphasizing simplicity and a seamless design that complements the space's functionality


If I want you to decorate as well as organize my space, how does that work?

We absolutely love doing this kind of work! It's so much fun to repurpose things you already have at home. Some of our team members are really handy with fixing up furniture and giving it a fresh look. And, of course, we enjoy adding a few new decor items to tie everything together and make the room feel just right.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash & check, we prefer ACH bank transfer, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle. We do accept credit cards if needed. 


Do you take pictures and videos of every project and share them?

We do take pictures and video during the project assessment. This gives the team a visual so they can prepare before the job. Then the final pictures and video are taken when the job is complete. We do sometimes take pictures and video during the process. We keep everything confidential and only show the very best projects. This really helps our clients have an idea of what we can do in each space. Not all projects are shared. 


How can I become a part of Felicia's Best! Team?

One of the most rewarding parts of starting this business has been building a team of incredible women who understand how Felicia's Best! can transform homes and lives. We're not currently accepting applications. From time to time based on demand, we will open up hiring again so stay tuned on our social media pages!

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