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I'm Felicia, the creator of this service, and I've been an Arizona native, calling Tucson home for over three decades. With a background in psychology, international business, and interior design, I've cultivated my expertise in productivity and organization over the years. I truly understand the challenges of balancing family life, work, and self-care as I supported my family through a home-based business while my husband pursued nursing school.

My passion lies in crafting functional, beautiful, and peaceful spaces. Alongside my dedicated team, we are on a mission to help others conquer the chaos of modern life.


We offer professional assistance to tackle tasks that often lead to anxiety and overwhelm, empowering our clients to regain control of their time for self-care and other priorities.


With a career history spanning personal banking, executive assisting, and direct sales, I bring a wealth of experience to our mission of bringing calm to the chaos in people's lives.


And yes, there are days when I personally hire my team too—I believe in the first-hand experience of what we offer.

Felicia Robinson -Owner, CEO

Our Team

Integrity, Compassion, and Expertise

Our Mission:  To help people calm the chaos no matter what stage of life they’re in.

Our Purpose: To improve the lives of people through our compassion of wanting to help our community thrive.

Our Culture: We come with NO judgement and acknowledge how hard it is to ask for help. We understand what it's like to feel the overwhelm. We come to you with insight and solutions to make your quality of life better!


Our Green Pledge: 

In recognition of the profound impact our actions have on the planet, we hereby commit ourselves to a path of mindfulness and responsibility. We pledge to scrutinize every donation and item destined for discard, upholding a steadfast commitment to the principle of "Paying it Forward." Our mission is to ensure that Pre-Loved items find new homes, new purposes, and new stories, thereby extending their life and reducing our environmental footprint.

We recognize that every item saved from the landfill is a victory for our planet. It's a step towards sustainability, a nod to conservation, and a declaration that we are caretakers of a world borrowed from future generations.

With this mission in place...we absolutely love the challenge of using what clients have first before recommending mindful purchasing of additional storage solutions for your homes.

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