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Welcome to our Preferred Vendor List!

So many clients, colleagues, friends, and family ask us who we recommend for services and products. I wanted to create a one-stop shop, an easy to find spot for everyone to be able to find the assistance or product they are looking for.

As you know, we manage many households and need EXCELLENT resources for our clients. These business owners take care of their clients the way we family! They take business seriously and have stellar communication and passion for their clients.

Not everyone is represented here, but this is a good start. So, if you still need services or products that you don’t see represented in this list, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We decided it was time to let go of some of the services we've offered over the years and instead promote others in our community! This gives us a chance to refine our skills and passions yet help other businesses thrive at the same time!

I hope you take a minute and scroll through to find what you're looking for. I made this super simple for the busy and the elderly to reference.

I can't wait to showcase each business over the next few months! March 2024 will be our next open category time. Many businesses we love the most will be joining us then so this directory will continue to grow. This is a massive undertaking, and we are honored to provide this beautiful community connection.  

Balloon Artist

Simply Social Balloons

Owner: Regina Watts
Phone: 520-979-8417

Testimony: We  have referred many clients for special events to have Regina's beautiful balloon creations. She has a way to create this art and make your occasion unique. She is a mom of 3 super fun and sweet children and she's able to work her business around them. We recently hired Regina to create her balloon art for our Branding Photoshoot and she went above and beyond to get everything perfect for us! She even surprised us with a grouping of helium balloons to hold in our pictures to celebrate my teams birthdays!! Thank you Regina for taking such good care of us and our clients! 

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Regina Watts Picture.jpeg

Charcuterie Boards

Owner: Jill O’Leary


Phone: 805-895-0714

Testimony: Jill has been taking orders for our team special events along with so many clients. She creates her masterpieces in a commercial kitchen and then delivers them to the clients herself! Her tasty treats are beautiful and high quality. I think every occasion deserves to have a beautiful box created by Jill. Fun fact...she can turn an entire kitchen island into a grazing table! We recently had Jill create another box for our Branding Photoshoot and the team loved it. She has a way of making each box feel unique and special with the yummy treats she finds. So fun and enjoyable! She is such a joy to work with.

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Jill O'Leary.jpg


Lerew Development & Design

Owner: Thomas Lerew


Phone: 520-490-9707

Testimony: I have known Lerew family for many years. Any time we have someone looking for remodeling I send over Tom and Teri. They have great insight and quality craftsmanship. My clients have been very happy with their work.

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Tom Lerew the contractor.jpg

CPA Personal

Clear View Business Solutions

Owner: Deborah Elver


Phone:  520-544-0177

Testimony: Deb has taken care of my personal taxes for years. I love to refer her to people that are looking for a more hands-on approach to their accounting. I had a first-hand look at how she works with clients back when my team used to run her schedule during busy seasons. Her company works well with people that are a bit old school and like to have an appointment to go over everything.  I appreciate the fact that she is fast and thorough, and you will know where you stand at the end of your appointment.

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CPA Small Business

MOD Ventures LLC

Owner: Gabrielle Luoma


Phone: (520) 572-1248

Testimony: I've known Gabby for years and was her direct assistant for a couple of years when I was newly into my company. I got a first-hand look at the brilliance of her business and what it has done for other business owners. If you are more tech savvy and want a digital approach of accounting and management then MOD is who you want in your life! She leads the industry with her training and online presence. You won't be disappointed in the passion MOD has for business owners.

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Corporate Mindset Trainer/Professional

Health & Heart Life Clarity

Owner: Teri Lerew


Phone: 520.245.2470

Testimony: Teri was one of the first gals on my team 7 years ago!! She was born and raised by incredible entrepreneurs. She has such a passion for helping others find their strengths and love of life! She is a strong business owner and thrives in professional development. So, if you're looking to find yourself and a new direction with your career, give Teri a call!

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Custom Apparel & Promo Products

Bezaworx, LLC

Owner: Rosalind Joy


Phone: 520-484-2359

Testimony: I have been so thankful to Rosalind over the past couple of years creating my logo items! She has such a perfect size of business where it feels personable and creative. She always sends over a mockup first so you can visualize what your product is going to look like. She is a joy to work with. I would call her before Vistaprint any day!

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Roz-cactus background.jpg

Dessert Catering

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt & Gelato

Owner: Brooke Cromwell


Phone: 520-268-8134

Testimony: Many know Brooke as the face behind Peachwave, the most delicious Frozen Yogurt I've ever had. She has pure, clean, fresh ingredients and takes such joy and pride in her cute shop and her employees that work for her. So, something really fun about Peachwave...they offer catering!!! Can you imagine having frozen yogurt as a treat to serve at your event or birthday party?? She has a catering manager to assist her in this endeavor. I experienced it at a networking event, and it was such a treat! Try something different for your next get together, you won't be disappointed!

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Duke Nutrition Experts

Owner: Sarah Duke


Phone: 520-477-1650

Testimony: I met Sarah years ago at a networking event. I reached out to her office a couple of years ago to find out how to help my teenage daughter with her growth spurt. We worked closely with Kelly and she helped us to realize our daughter was actually not getting enough calories in her day to be productive. She ate very little for breakfast and lunch but when she got home she ate probably too much (as I imagine most teenagers do). At Duke Nutrition, they have this amazing program that helps you to create the meals and understanding of all the food groups and the importance of the nutrients going into the body to fuel it. My daughter felt empowered and made some great changes in her eating habits and a catalog of great recipes! She loves to lift heavy weight and ride horses so she needed the right nutrition to offset the energy she was putting out. Really great program they have!

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Estate Sales

Estate Lost Treasures

Owner: David Boettger

Phone: 520-339-0108

Testimony: David and I have gotten to know each other over the past couple of years. He has such a unique "no fluff" approach to Estate Sales. He will come into a home and offer to buy all the contents. Then he clears everything out with his team. I have referred so many clients to him after we come in and organize or get a client into Assisted Living. He then will come in and take care of the rest. He's even helped us move clients before. He has a heart of gold and loves to help our community too! He has poor families that will come up from Mexico and give them items they can use as well. He has an awesome warehouse where he resells the items too. He runs a great online store too. 

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Floral Design

Posh Petals

Owner: Mollee Richey


Phone: 520-408-0101

Testimony: This one's going to be a bit emotional for me to write...Mollee has a true gift in floral design. She has the most unique way of putting arrangements together and will add a hint of the desert into each piece. I have yet to find each masterpiece look identical. When my mom died a couple of years ago, we had many beautiful flowers and arrangements from Mollee, and they always stood out the most and lasted the longest. So, know that if you are gifting a bouquet to someone, she will make it very special.

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Grief Recovery

Grief Relief with Jennica

Owner: Jennica Klemann


Phone: 520-222-8044

Testimony: Jennica is near and dear to my heart. We have gotten to know each other over the years, and I have mad respect for this incredible badass businesswoman! She trained and studied under Bobbie Rill with the Grief Recovery Program and is now practicing on her own. Jennica has a way with people...she has a nonjudgmental stance and a true shoulder to lean on. I went through the Grief Program a few years ago and it changed my life. It helped me to understand so much about myself and how I process grief. So if you're looking for support through a difficult time, give Jennica a call. She will be there for you and help you get past it.

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Jennica Klemann profile 1.jpg


Ronnie’s Handyman and Home Service

Owner: Ashley Valenzuela


Phone: 520-297-8724

Testimony: Well, what can we say...we've been through many handymen over the years working many projects with our clients. Ronnie's by far is the best team to work with. Their communication is like no other. They respond quickly to address the needs we have for our clients. They take pride in their work and will make sure every little detail is taken care of. I love the systems and technology they have in place as level!

I think it's wonderful that this is a family run business, and they all take such pride for what they have built and achieved in our community for over 20 years!

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ronnies-2022-19 ).jpg


A Woman's Touch Cleaning LLC

Owner: Janet Anderson 


Phone: 602-319-9422

Testimony: I've been referring housecleaning clients to Janet over the past couple of years. She has incredible communication skills and works really hard. I have never had a complaint from her team. They are reasonably priced and can fit you in quickly. She runs a great team, and they work all over Tucson which is so nice. She is such a joy to chat with too. We love supporting each other and helping clients have clean and organized homes!

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In Home Wine Tasting

Scout and Cellar

Owner: Aleta M Wiener 


Phone: 520-429-8642

Testimony: Aleta has been my go-to for In Home Wine Tastings for years. Her wine collection is just scrumptious! Her company has different ones to try all the time. She will help you put together the best pairings and help you to have a blast with your friends. Her motto is, "Wine a bit, you'll feel better!" So fun! You can even order from her website too. She runs specials from time to time so that's when it's great to stock up. It's always the perfect season to host a wine tasting. Make sure to invite me if you have one!

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Law Offices of Kathy Delaney Winger

Owner: Kathy Winger


Phone: 520-270-3775

Testimony: Where do I even begin with my dear friend Kathy?!! She has become such a strong support to my business. She has guided me and coached me along the way. I am so beyond grateful for her wisdom and professionality. She is very witty and has a passion for helping others stay legal! She also writes trusts, wills, POA's and so much more. I refer everyone to her. Thank you, Kathy, for continuing to support my strong and ethical business all these years!

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Kathy Winger.jpg

Massage Therapy

Spa Daze

Owner: Jennica Klemann


Phone: 520-334-1919

Testimony: Jennica is known in Tucson for having an incredible massage therapeutic spa. They specialize in relieving physical and emotional stress in the body. We did a trade a couple of years ago...I organized her back room for her staff and she gave me massages. Let me tell trade ever!!! How many times do we take care of others and forget ourselves...get on the phone now and make an appointment to get your body relaxed! You will feel so wonderful when you leave.

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Sonoran Muses

Owner: Emily Jones

Website: Under Redesign Construction


Testimony: Well Emily is near and dear to my heart...she's my sister!! She has been a photographer since her young High School days! She has a way of capturing the true essence of a person and bring the feeling of the occasion at every click of her camera! Emily is known for her incredible artistic niche with her Sonoran Muses but has captured so much more in our community and throughout the world. She is my marketing manager, my branding photographer, and our family photographer!

The areas of her expertise cover many facets including:

Maternity Portraits 

Senior Portraits

Family Portraits

Event Photography

Wedding Photography

Scenery Photography

Boudoir Photography

Vacation Home Photography

Branding Photography

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Marcy K Realtor Coldwell Banker Realty 

Owner: Marcy Kynaston 

Phone: Phone:520-661-9393

Testimony: Marcy and I go way back to high school! We have watched each other's children grow. We both had small businesses in direct sales and crafting and would run Vendor Fairs together. Marcy has been our realtor for years. She helped us sell our last home and buy our current home. She also always has an eye out for land/property that we so desperately want to own one day. She is one of the hardest working women I know. She won't stop until she completes her find you a home or to get your home sold! She takes the time to get to know what her clients are truly looking for and also has the "vision" if you are one that likes to make a home the best version of itself, which not everyone has. I love that she works with all types of people and all budgets. She works just as hard on the $300k homes as she does the $1M + homes. Thank you, Marcy, for taking such good care of us and our friends and clients in the community!

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Senior Caregiving Services

Business Name:  Senior Home Care of Tucson

Owner: Tina Fillion


Phone:  520-355-4787

Testimony: Now Tina and I have gotten to know each other over the years also. I refer my elderly clients to her all the time. She has an incredible service to help the aging have the care they need in their homes. Her service and training of her staff is next level. Her team is who I would want to take care of anyone important to me. She is a leader in the industry and has a passion to provide such a stellar service which didn't exist when she was looking for assistance for her mom years ago. This is what propelled her to create the best service of in-home care she could. She has a lovely office and staff here in Oro Valley.

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Swim Lessons

Aqua Baby Survival Swim School

Owner: Nicole Nusshag


Phone: 520-440-1892

Testimony: Nicole is such a bright spirit! She works so hard in and out of the water all day teaching infants and kids to swim. It's mind boggling to watch little babies know what to do when they fall into the water. I wish every family would have their children learn how to swim with Nicole. She has her own private pool outside of her home and has such a wonderful, supportive family. She is a strong businesswoman and loves to be learning the next thing to up her skills. She recently taught one of our dear friend's baby to swim and it was so fun watching the videos that both the mom and Nicole shared with me! Having your kids and babies know how to swim takes quite a bit of weight off your shoulders. Especially in Tucson where we are around pools all the time. So, make the trip out to Vail and get some lessons for your babes. You'll love Nicole and the fun she will bring to your family! Swimming is a skill they will have forever!

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Vacation Rental Management

AZ Roots Property Management, LLC 

Nikki Fujiwara and Célida Sneva


Phone: 520-664-8168

Testimony: Now this is an exciting service to share!!!! I met these sweet sisters at the Tucson Scout Guide Event. We really connected getting to know each other and the services we offer our community. We used to offer vacation rental management but realized it was becoming very tricky with scheduling. When I found out what an excellent job, they provide it was a no brainer to refer these clients! So, if you have a place you are wanting to make a vacation rental then please call these girls! They literally do it all. This is their bread and butter and they are growing in multiple cities in Arizona! I'm so excited for them.

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AZ Roots.jpg

Venue-Private Estate

Our Urban Grove LLC

Owner: Sabrina Rigas 


Phone: 520-609-4162

Testimony: Sabrina and I have known each other for a few years now. We met through a networking group, and she hosted the events at her Private Estate Venue! Her place is the essence of Tucson. She is literally living my dream...have a home that is special and invite others in to enjoy and live off of the land! She and her daughter run this venue and offer it for small gatherings. Her sweet husband climbs the ladders to harvest their dates! Weddings, baby showers, parties, it's just perfect. Many times, she'll host bloggers for photo shoots and branding sessions. The coolest thing about her place...she has tons of citrus trees!!! She has many other fruit trees as well and the most magnificent date palms. She is so savvy she's connected with local restaurants to include her produce and often she sells her dates at the Farmers Markets. I can't say enough things about her place, it's just so special and right in the heart of Northwest Tucson!

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Window Cleaning

Brighter Days Window Cleaning & Power Washing

Owners: Greg & Kira Nickens


Phone: 520-260-8911

Testimony: I met Greg back a few years ago after we moved into our new home. It needed serious cleaning and I had heard that he and his wife Kira had a great service. I booked it and man...I had no idea that windows and the sills could look so good! We have 45 windows in our home, and they made everyone shine. They now offer even more services so check them out and see what they can shine up for you. I refer them to our clients all the time and I've never heard a complaint. It's such a hard job...not only do they clean the windows in and out, but they do the screens too. They have such a great communication with their clients and really want to please you as their client.

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Greg,Kira and Max (1).JPG

Wine Tours/Day Trips/Transportation

Arizona Winery Tours

Owner: Karen Hinderberger


Phone: 520-201-6905

Testimony: Karen has become such a good friend of mine over the years. We love talking about business and strategizing together. If you haven't been on a tour for wine tasting yet, then you haven't lived! This is one of the best outings you can experience! I remember one year going with my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. We had a blast together. I love to give the gift of time or experiences to others. I've gone on tour to Wilcox, Sonoita, and Sedona and they were all unique and awesome! I've gone with my hubby, my bestie, church ladies, the list goes on! Karen has such a great team, and they really want everyone to have a great day out. You get snacks and drinks on the tour van and lunch at the vineyards. They typically stop at 3 different locations, and you get to experience the wines at each. There's nothing like the end of the day of drinking wine and laughing and then not feeling the tiredness kick in and have to drive get chauffeured instead! So, grab someone you love and go try it. You'll love it and you'll love Karen! She is such a savvy businesswoman and works so hard every day!

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Karen Hinderberger.jpeg
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