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When is it time to hire a Personal Assistant? The answer is...anytime really! If you are feeling overwhelmed with your job, motherhood, your household, not having enough time to do the things that make you happy, these are just a few examples of how our lives can get out of control and cause us to feel the anxiety and stress on any given day. My team and I are here to help you live a better life! 

I created this concierge style business for you to pick and chose the areas you need help in. I wanted to design a unique company after personally experiencing all of these feelings myself. I remember thinking, "I wish I could just have some help regularly."  Throughout my career, I was a Personal Banker, a Direct Sales Superstar, a Mom, an Executive Assistant, and a home owner living in 1200 square feet (between our family of 4). I am passionate about helping people to have less stress and more time to live a more satisfying life!

I am so proud to offer help to all different types of people! Here are some examples:

Small Business Owners: Are you needing help running the business? What if you could have an Administrative Assistant come into the office (or Virtual) to take care of phone calls, calendar control, schedule travel, filing, check emails, bookkeeping, data entry, etc? What if you don't need someone full time, but just when things are hectic? 

Seniors: Do you need help downsizing? Organizing your home? Getting everything set up with Utilities, doctors, what about running errands, or just help in general because your health isn't what it used to be? Maybe you don't want to overwhelm your kids and need someone else to assist you?

Household Management: Are you having a hard time finding things? Have you been putting off projects you've been wanting to do because you are so focused on work and your family? We can help you to keep up with it all! Professional Organizing, House Sitting, Pet Sitting, directing contractors on renovations or repairs while you are at work. We can help grocery shop, prep, and plan your meals for you. We can run any type of errands too. What if you need your car serviced? We can do it for you!

Wanting to sell your home? Well we can definitely help you here! We can pack, stage, and organize your home so it will sell fast! We can help with the improvements and make everything run smooth before the big day! 

Event Planning: We can do it all! Work Parties, Office Parties, Retirement Parties, Cocktail Parties,  Conferences, Seminars, Dinner Parties, Birthday Parties, Bridal/Baby Showers, Weddings!

To see more services we have to offer please visit; My Full Service List

Here's a link to some of our work:

Please give us a call to set up your Project Assessment!

At Felicia’s Best, we believe in forming meaningful connections with our clients and making a positive impact in their lives. This month, as we celebrate love in all its forms, we are reminded of the unique bond we have with every one of our clients. Every day, we have the privilege of stepping into our clients' homes and helping them navigate their daily routines with ease and efficiency. But beyond the tasks at hand, it's the relationships we build that truly make our work fulfilling.

At the heart of our business lies a genuine love for what we do and for the people we have the privilege of assisting. We approach our work with warmth, compassion, and patience. Whether we are helping a busy parent manage their hectic schedule or providing support to an elderly individual in need of assistance, we strive to spread love through our acts of service. When we organize a cluttered space, run errands, manage appointments, or simply lend a listening ear, our actions are guided by empathy and we approach every task with care and attention to detail. Each client we serve has unique preferences and we take the time to understand their needs so we can create systems best suited to their lifestyles.

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is when we get to hear back from our clients about their positive experiences working with us. Many have taken the time to share their experiences through Google reviews and social media testimonials, and we are incredibly grateful for their kind words. The reviews we receive from our clients are like love letters, affirming the impact of our work and the strength of the relationships we've cultivated. It's heartwarming to hear how our services have brought joy, peace of mind and balance. These testimonials are not just words on a page; they are expressions of gratitude and appreciation that resonate deeply with us.

What sets us apart is our genuine passion for what we do and our unwavering commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations. We take pride in the relationships we build with our clients, fostering a deep sense of trust and reliability that goes beyond mere transactions. Our clients know that they can count on us to not only meet their needs but also to go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

Our clients are the heart and soul of our business. At Felicia’s Best, we view each client as a valued member of our extended family. Their happiness and well-being are at the forefront of everything we do, and we are honored to be a part of their lives. Hearing their stories of how our services have made a difference – whether it's reclaiming valuable time, reducing stress, or simply bringing order to their homes – is incredibly rewarding and drives us to continually strive for excellence.

As February comes to a close, we are filled with so much gratitude to every one of our clients, past, present, and future. We extend our heartfelt thanks for entrusting us with your needs and allowing us to be a part of your journey. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with dedication, integrity, and care. Your trust, your kindness, and your appreciation mean the world to us, and we are honored to have the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for allowing us into your lives, for sharing your stories with us, and for being a part of our journey too.

Welcome to a brand-new year, the perfect time to give your home a refreshing makeover for 2024! As we bid farewell to the holiday season, now is an excellent opportunity to revitalize our spaces and embrace a new vibe. So, let's dive into some easy tips to spruce up both the interiors and exteriors of your abode.

Pack Away Holiday Cheer:

The first step in welcoming a new atmosphere is bidding adieu to holiday decorations. Pack them up with care and label each bin for easy access next year. Consider purchasing new bins to replace old, worn out ones. Many stores will be having sales on Christmas-themed storage! Take time to go through your decorations you no longer resonate with and create a pile to donate!

Common Area Declutter:

Start by decluttering and organizing the common areas of your home to invite in new energy into these busy spaces. Clear countertops and tables in shared areas, such as the entryway, living room and kitchen- with special attention to the "drop-zones" in your home. If you have a home office, simplifying what is on your desk will be a great jump start for you work in the new year! Storing away visual clutter and showcasing only decorative or purposeful items in these areas, helps create an inviting atmosphere. This new environment encourages the whole family to adopt a 'put it back' habit. By dealing with these central zones, you pave the way for smoother daily routines and you set the tone for a harmonious and clutter-free start to the new year!

Healthy Deep Clean:

As we begin 2024, accomplishing a fresh ambiance in your home can start with a thorough deep cleaning of your carpets, upholstery and curtains. You can use the cleaning appliances you already have, rent some or get them professionally cleaned! Tackling these cleaning tasks gets rid of stains, dust and allergens left over from the year before! This dedicated cleaning effort not only makes your home look and feel fresh, it contributes to a healthier environment. If you don't already have them- now would be a great time to invest in humidifiers and air purifiers for your home! If you already have them, you can give your humidifiers a good clean with vinegar and replace the filters for your air purifiers.

A Splash of Color:

As the new year unfolds, infusing your home with vibrant splashes of color can invigorate and refresh your living spaces. Introducing new hues into your decor palette doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Consider starting small by adding accent pillows in bold shades like rich blues or energetic yellows to your living room. Embrace the power of artwork; hang colorful paintings or prints that resonate with your style and bring life to blank walls. If you want to go a little bigger, you can refresh your walls with a new coat of paint or try out removable wallpaper for a quick transformation on an accent wall. Play with different textures and patterns in your curtains or rugs, introducing refreshing tones like lively greens or calming pastels. Rejuvenate the bedroom with new bedding, pillows, or curtains for a cozy and inviting feel. Don’t forget the kitchen—brighten countertops with colorful decorations, a lively fruit bowl or a fresh vase of flowers. New hand towels with a pretty pattern can be fun too! These simple yet effective touches can transform the ambiance, infusing your home with renewed energy and vibrancy for the year ahead.

Re-Arrange Your Furniture:

Shake things up! Try rearranging furniture for a fresh layout—sometimes a new perspective is all it takes to make you feel more refreshed in your space! Start by assessing the layout of each room, imagining new possibilities for flow and functionality. Experiment with different arrangements that encourage conversation, openness and easy movement. For instance, in the living room, try positioning seating to create a more inviting and intimate atmosphere. Consider reorienting the bedroom furniture to enhance relaxation and promote better sleep. Embrace the concept of 'room zones,' delineating areas for specific purposes, such as reading nooks or creative corners. By re-imagining the placement of furniture, you not only infuse a sense of novelty and freshness into your spaces but also foster a renewed energy that welcomes the possibilities of the year ahead.

Handy Things:

Create a list of the things that need to be fixed in your home- and set a date to accomplish them by or schedule for a handy person to come fix them! Let's get rid of all of those little annoyances- they take up more space in your mind than you may think.

In addition, here are a few quick projects that can dramatically change the look of your home without investing a ton:

-Install new bulb types and lighting fixtures to improve ambiance.

-Update window treatments for improved light control and privacy.

-Refresh kitchen and bathroom cabinets by adding new hardware.

-Upgrade other small details like switch plates, doorknobs or faucets.

-Apply peel-and-stick backsplash in the kitchen for a new modern look

-Replace ceiling fans with newer, more stylish options

-Install floating shelves for storage or display

Garden TLC:

If you have a garden, it's time to tidy it up! Begin by tidying up flower beds and lawns, removing debris and trimming overgrown plants to encourage fresh growth. Revitalize the soil with compost or mulch to nurture your garden's health. Consider adding pops of color with seasonal flowers or ornamental plants to breathe new life into your landscape. Show some love to your outdoor living areas by cleaning and arranging furniture for comfortable relaxation. Update your seating areas with new cushions, outdoor lanterns and maybe some fairy lights for an enchanting evening ambiance. Don't forget the front yard—a neat landscape does wonders when you come home from a long day!

Front Door Facelift:

A welcoming entry sets the tone of the experience in your home. Revamping your front door and entryway can instantly uplift the facade of your home. Begin by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint in a bold, cheerful hue that complements your home's exterior—a quick and impactful facelift. Enhance the entryway by adding seasonal potted plants or colorful flower arrangements flanking the door and injecting vibrant pops of color. Consider updating hardware, such as doorknobs, house numbers, or mailbox details, for a polished touch. Illuminate the pathway or porch with stylish outdoor lighting fixtures to create an inviting ambiance. Adding a decorative wreath or a personalized doormat can further infuse personality and charm.

Final Thoughts:

Revitalizing your home for the new year isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space that nurtures your soul. Embrace the opportunity to infuse positivity, creativity and functionality into every corner. Remember, this process isn't about perfection; it's about progress. Take it one step at a time, and celebrate each transformation, big or small! And just remember... if these suggestions become too overwhelming, we are here to assist you! Here's to a fantastic year ahead filled with cozy corners, organized spaces and a home that truly reflects your unique vibe!

Wishing you a vibrant and joyous year ahead,

-Felicia's Best! xoxo

Written by Emily Jones

Marketing Manager and VIP Specialist

Felicia's Best Personal Assisting

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